Friday, June 11, 2021

#FreeMapFriday – The Emerald Dungeon – Volume #84

It's time for #FreeMapFriday! Today I release Volume #84. The theme this release: The Emerald Dungeon. This is the second of two releases this week due to a tie in the community poll to pick a "gemstone" theme for this week's map. It's sibling dungeon, "The Amethyst Dungeon" was released earlier this week. 

This series offers a brand new free map every week with additional bonus maps for every +50 follower over on my Twitter account @jmason333. Maps are available via DriveThruRPG or Google Drive.

Each map pack includes four full-color 600 dpi high-resolution versions of the map in 5100x3300 px JPG file format including a virtual tabletop (VTT) version, two player versions (gridded and non-gridded), and a GM map numbered for convenience.

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