Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Announcement: 8-Bit Dungeon, a Retro FPRGP Themed Card Game!

So, I spilled the beans about Path to Adventure's upcoming product release! Slated for Release Fall 2021, here's a repost of that Facebook post I made: 

(Originally posted to Facebook on June 9, 2021)

Doing some drive-by hype for a project I'm releasing this Fall. I designed this game years ago, and it's already been fairly well refined and play-tested extensively. I could just never swing a budget to hire a crew of pixel artists to bring it to life the way I wanted. And, it's too far apart from TTRPG content for any real interest in the few publishers vaguely pitched it to. So it sat, an incomplete project on my backburner for the better part of half a decade.

Fast forward to this year: I'm ramping up my skillset for another personal project that I'm working on -- the retro-style RPG video game I'm developing as a checkmark on my bucket-list.

So! While I've been working on teaching myself writing chiptune music for the video game (already dropped some samples of that progress), I've also taken the dive into expanding my skillset creating and rendering pixel art. 

Figured if I'm going to be doing pixel art anyway (and, I've done *a lot* in recent months) might as well move forward with completing this card game project. No effort wasted!

Keep an eye out for more info about the 8-Bit Dungeon card game. I'll be dropping more details later this summer, and the game will hit the market in Fall 2021. However, I was feeling like it's about time to drop some more hints about projects I'm working on. Fun stuff!

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