Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Big Book of Maps Volume 2 (April 2018 Summary)

The April 2018 Month-End Summary update for "The Big Book of Maps for Tabletop Roleplaying Games - Volume 2: Science Fiction" has been posted to the Kickstarter campaign.

April saw the following content releases:
  • 8 Science Fiction Maps (3 Starship Deckplan Maps; 5 Locale Maps)
  • 20 Science Fiction Icons (Themes: Doors & Passages)
  • Planet Portfolio I (50 VTT Assets)
  • 4 Starship Builder Kits (80 Unique Starship Sections)

Special Funding Stretch Goal Achieved!

The very exciting news is that thanks to our late backers, who raised an additional $2,638.00 USD (bringing total funds raised for the Volume 2 project to $23,641.00).

We have unlocked additional stretch goals -- including the "biggie" -- auto-funding "Volume 3: Mini-Dungeon Maps" for all backers.

What this means is that everyone who has backed this Kickstarter for Volume 2, will also be getting the digital content and/or PDF (relative to level backed) for the next volume of maps which will focus on smaller fantasy-themed "mini-dungeon" maps.

The production of Volume 3 will not begin until the "Volume 2: Science Fiction" project is completed and fully released, but will roll into its creation phase immediately thereafter.

Late Backer Portal Extended!

The plan was originally to wrap up the Late Backer Portal on April 30, 2018. However, since backers have now auto-funded the fantasy maps for Volume 3, I will be extended that deadline by a few weeks. If you missed the Kicksdtarter, you can still get in on this huge collection of maps!

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