Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Adventure Starscapes

I am excited to announce the release of a new free series from Paths to Adventure!

Each of the Adventure Starscapes volume contains a series of high resolution full-page starscapes (space / star maps) including clean, hex, and grid versions. The eight variants can be combined to create one massive 34” x 22” seamless starscape.

A combined super high-resolution 600 dpi source file (that can be used as a 68" x 44" starscape) is also included with each volume.

Volume V includes an entire bonus starscape series themed for "deep space".

I tried to create a wide theme of styles from the darker depths of deep space, to sparse nebulae, to star nurseries, to brightly colored themes that will work for hyperspace / drift travel.

These are a companion series to my "Planet Portfolio" series. And are now included in the Space VTT Set subcategory of products from Paths to Adventure, and are perfect for Virtual Tabletop science fiction gaming.

You can download Adventure Starscapes from DriveThruRPG.







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