Friday, November 3, 2017

GM Tips with Satine Phoenix & BJ Hensley

Well, that was very cool experience. Taking a few minutes to catch up with my favorite D&D-themed show (GM Tips with Satine Phoenix) [my primary reason for subscribing to Alpha], and I’m excited to see this episode’s guest is an awesome person I’ve worked with (BJ Hensley). Then while I’m watching (at about the 9-minute mark) the conversation shifts to an adventure that I wrote. It was very neat to see my name on the cover show up on screen.

Neat personal moment aside, it’s a really fantastic episode about teaching through gaming, and about how to get kids involved in tabletop RPGs. A must-watch for gamer parents or anyone who works with children.

There’s also some super exciting news about a new license acquired by Playground Adventures. I won’t spoil it, but I will say congratulations to the Playground Adventures team; there’s no better group of folks that I could imagine working on the project!

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