Friday, July 7, 2017

Big Book of Maps: June 2017 Summary

Earlier this week I sent out the month-end summary for June 2017 for The Big Book of Maps project.

It was another fantastically productive month: 36 new maps released, over 80 new map icons released (4 new map icon sets). Dynamic calculation indicates the project is currently 64 days ahead of schedule and over 36% complete.

Check out the full update here!

I have also made a few updates to the Digital Distribution Tool. Most notably, a new “Most Recent Map” preview on the sign-in page. I hope this will be useful for those who have been visiting frequently to download maps during the week. Now you can see if a new map has been released since your last visit without having to log in and navigate to the map downloads.

Since the Kickstarter for The Big Book of Maps for Tabletop Roleplaying Games successfully concluded, several folks have asked if they can still become backers after the fact. I have been allowing this, and creating basic accounts for them on a one-by-one basis which they can then upgrade (via the DDT Upgrade Account option) to the pledge level they desire.

I get several of these requests every week, and since the conclusion of the Kickstarter I have added 80+ additional backers. This manual process is time consuming, so I have decided to make a deadline for "Late Backers" at the end of this month (July 31, 2017). If you know someone who has been pondering becoming a late backer, they will have to do so by then. I’ve now added a convenient form to the Digital Distribution Tool login page for this purpose.

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