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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Kickstarter: New Paths Compendium: Pathfinder RPG Expanded Edition

Another Kickstarter campaign which I did the graphic design for has gone live! New Paths Compendium: Pathfinder RPG Expanded Edition (by Kobold Press) launched thisw eek, and I'm excited to see this great player supplement being updated and turned into a great hardback edition.

"This hardcover edition of the New Paths Compendium starts with 8 new classes, and could easily go to 11 new classes if we hit a few stretch goals. Most of the classes in the book have several years of actual play and refinement, and even the newest classes have seen hundreds of hours of playtest and development. These are well-honed options for either player or GM, presented in a professional, readable layout with high standards of editing and design."

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