Tuesday, April 11, 2017

New Paths to Adventure Logo

With a half-dozen self-published titles and the successful conclusion of my kickstarter for The Big Book of Maps (for Tabletop Roleplaying Games), I decided it was time to get a little more serious about branding the "Paths to Adventure" label. While technically, it's still just the title of this blog, I've gone ahead and filed all the legal paperwork on it, and will be utilizing the identity to publish.

I don't have any intent at this time of becoming a full-time (nor even frequent) publisher. I remain a freelance for hire, and my self-published titles will remain in the minority of published works attributed to my name. However, having a publishing identity available for the few titles that I do self-publish seems like a logical approach. So, I unveil to you the new official "Paths to Adventure" identity logo:

As time permits in the coming weeks I will be updating trade dress on several products (including this blog) with variations of this logo theme to better convey the brand of products, books, and applications that I self-publish.

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