Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Mini-Dungeon Creation Guide

I have written, designed, and laid-out a complete Mini-Dungeon Creation Guide for AAW Games staff and other freelance authors who work on the Mini-Dungeon series.

The book contains comprehensive information covering every step of the process in which the adventures are created, flow chart diagrams, step-by-step instructions for authors and cartographers, as well as installation instructions for special software packages which I developed specifically for maintaining Mini-Dungeons.

This guide is not available to the general public, but has been (and will continue to be) provided to those working on the Mini-Dungeon series. It is my hope that this document will answer any questions contributors may have.

The 15-page guide is available for download via the private Mini-Dungeon Author's Group on Facebook. If you are a tabletop RPG author who would like to get involved with writing Mini-Dungeons for AAW Games, please contact Jonathan G. Nelson.

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