Saturday, August 6, 2016

AAW Games @ GenCon 2016

AAW Games /
Kobold Press / Playground Adventures
Booth at Gen Con 2016 in Indianapolis, IN.
Sadly I was ill this year, and unable to attend Gen Con 2016. However, a lot of my work was available in the exhibit hall, and AAW Games, Kobold Press, and Playground Adventures had an amazing booth setup.

While it was a real drag to miss out on the event, luckily there were no shortage of fantastic pictures that allowed me to vicariously enjoy the convention from my sniffle-ridden home office.

I'm very much looking forward to going to Gen Con 2017 (the 50th year). It will be a blast for sure! And, I have a lot of folks to catch up with.

It was awesome to see so many products I worked on available to con-goers, and pretty neat to see the new massive banner I created for AAW Games (a composition and graphic design with art from Mates Laurentiu) displayed proudly next to the tall standalone sign I designed last year.

In fact, the graphic created for the banner is available on the AAW Games Facebook page as a wallpaper, and you can download it right here!

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