Saturday, January 9, 2016

Through the Storm of Stars

Last week I was invited to be a member of The Blue Bugbear Collective -- a group of game developers making tabletop board games for digital environments and platforms. While I was out with the flu most of the following week, in that down-time I did design a completely new board game, and put together a completed playtest kit including the game board, miniatures, cards, etc. I have submitted the game, "Through the Storm of Stars" to the group.

Since submission, I have converted my playtest kit to the fully digital platform they are working on, and it has been approved and added to the schedule for intensive playtesting.

Through the Storm of Stars: A science-fiction board game created by Justin Andrew Mason.

In this exciting board game about deep space travel you take on the role as a captain of your very own interstellar cargo ship. Space transport is a dangerous business, and only the best of the best and the bravest of the brave make it their life’s work – you just happen to be one such space entrepreneur.

You have secured an important job to retrieve and deliver valuable cargo somewhere within a vast network of ten neighboring star systems. Important passengers, terraforming equipment, or black market goods – no cargo is too risky!

The challenge is to make your way through the vastness of the black while avoiding perils such as running out of fuel, encountering deadly space wraiths, and (should you be smuggling black market goods) being boarded by the Intergalactic Police Force.

As you travel between star systems you will encounter many things both strange and wondrous. From interdimensional wormholes and caravans of space merchants to abandoned derelict ships and other captains who may attempt to steal your ship’s resources. The dangers and opportunities are boundless.

Businessman, smuggler or pirate? See if you have what it takes to make it through the storm of stars!

I'm looking forward to the playtests for this one, and eventually getting it released to the public. It will be my second foray into board game design.

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