Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Día de los Dinosaurios Muertos

Día de los Dinosaurios Muertos for EN5ider by EN Publishing is now available to supporters of EN5sider. I did the cartography for this adventure written by Jensen Toperzer and Illustrated by Mel Tillery.

You've heard of the Day of the Dead... but what happens when the dead are dinosaurs? When the raptors awaken to find their land overrun by hairless apes, they plot to reclaim their legacy. Can the PCs survive the machinations of Miquiztlicoatl, the velociraptor mummy lord, ancient reptilian priest-king of the feathered throne? This adventure for 14th-level PCs includes full-color maps, a pronunciation guide, the all-new Stone of the Inverted Sun, and - of course- intelligent undead velociraptors.

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This adventure is available via EN5sider.

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