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My Publication Credits

This list includes published products where my name appears directly in the product credits. Titles highlighted in green are products that I co-authored or authored myself.

Titles flagged as "Upcoming" indicate that my contributions to a project have been completed and that project is awaiting content from other sources, updates, or layout by the respective publishers for final release. Titles flagged as "On Going" indicate subscription-based content that is actively released weekly or monthly.

This list only includes products that I did work for directly, and does not include titles that have used my work on a secondary basis (i.e. stock art, re-used stationary or logos, etc.), though my name may appear in the credits of those books as well.

Inclusion in Public Game Designer Indexes
DriveThruRPG, RPGNow, BoardGameGeek

Published Print Titles: 180 (9 Publishers); Published Web Articles: 102;
Magazine Articles: 8; Pod Cast Appearances: 6;
Convention Appearances:
(Last Updated: 08/03/0217)
Release DatePublication TitlePublisherCredits Listed
UpcomingThe Big Book of Maps (for Tabletop Roleplaying Games)Self PublishedAuthor, Cartography, Graphic Design, Layout
UpcomingAfter School Adventures: Glittering Gauntlet of GoldPlayground AdventuresAuthor, Cartography
UpcomingAfter School Adventures: Prestidigitation for ApprenticesPlayground AdventuresAuthor
UpcomingAfter School Adventures: Tome of the Forgetful FeyPlayground AdventuresAuthor, Cartography
UpcomingEncounter Cards: Extradimensional DeckAAW GamesAuthor, Graphic Design, Layout
UpcomingEncounter Cards: Urban City DeckAAW GamesAuthor, Graphic Design, Layout
UpcomingEncounter Cards: Desert DeckAAW GamesAuthor, Graphic Design, Layout
UpcomingEncounter Cards: Caverns DeckAAW GamesAuthor, Graphic Design, Layout
UpcomingEncounter Cards: Forest DeckAAW GamesAuthor, Graphic Design, Layout
UpcomingLament for the MissingAAW GamesAuthor, Cartography, Graphic Design
OngoingMonthly Adventure Hook CardsMythoardAuthor, Graphic Design
07/30/2017Ancestral AppellationsAAW GamesAuthor, Graphic Design, Cartography
07/29/2017The Vikmordere: An Introduction (Player Primer)AAW GamesAuthor, Graphic Design, Cartography
07/25/2017The City of TalosDark Naga AdventuresCartography
07/17/2017MotM #4: KishiAAW GamesContributor
06/30/2017An Empire GivenAAW GamesCartography, Graphic Design
06/30/2017Time Out of JointAAW GamesCartography, Graphic Design
06/30/2017The King of Infinite SpaceAAW GamesCartography, Graphic Design
06/30/2017Maze of the SkullkeeperAAW GamesAuthor, Graphic Design, Cartography
06/29/2017Adventure Chronicle Issue #2 (Summer 2016)AAW GamesAuthor, Cartography, Graphic Design, Ad Design
06/06/2017MotM #3: VarpulisAAW GamesContributor
05/22/2017Maw of the Dark TideAAW GamesAuthor, Graphic Design, Cartography
05/22/2017The Great LibraryAAW GamesCartography, Graphic Design
05/22/2017The Garden of DeathAAW GamesCartography, Graphic Design
05/02/2017MotM #2: KrasueAAW GamesContributor
04/19/2017Temple of the Secret PowerAAW GamesCartography, Graphic Design
04/11/2017True Lovers Run Into Strange CapersAAW GamesCartography, Graphic Design
04/10/2017The Stuff of DreamsAAW GamesCartography, Graphic Design
04/10/2017The Unwise Young, They Say Do Ne'er Live LongAAW GamesCartography, Graphic Design
07/29/2017Underworld Races & ClassesAAW GamesGraphic Design, Layout
03/31/2017I Am Not Of Your ElementAAW GamesCartography, Graphic Design
03/23/2017Monster of the Month #1: BasajaunAAW GamesContributor
03/09/2017The Broken RiverAAW GamesCartography, Graphic Design
03/31/2017Awakening the ElderAAW GamesCartography, Graphic Design
03/31/2017What Canst Work i' th' Earth So Fast?AAW GamesCartography, Graphic Design
02/28/2017Cartography's Cache: Ice Caves of the Frost DrakeSelf PublishedCartography, Graphic Design
02/26/2017Cartography's Cache: City of Airship PiratesSelf PublishedCartography, Graphic Design
02/24/2017Words Fly Up, Thoughts Remain BelowAAW GamesCartography, Graphic Design
02/24/2017Perils of the Endless Megadungeon: Dungeon ComplexSelf PublishedCartography, Graphic Design
02/24/2017Perils of the Endless Megadungeon: CavernsSelf PublishedCartography, Graphic Design
02/24/2017Perils of the Mysterious Lost Lands: LandmassesSelf PublishedCartography, Graphic Design
02/24/2017The BlightAAW GamesCartography, Graphic Design
02/24/2017I'll Yet Plague Both Your HousesAAW GamesCartography, Graphic Design
02/24/2017The World ForgeAAW GamesCartography, Graphic Design
02/24/2017What the DickensAAW GamesCartography, Graphic Design
02/23/2017The Cackling Madness of Umberstone ManorAAW GamesAuthor, Cartography, Graphic Design
02/15/2017Dungeon Builder's DeckAAW GamesAuthor, Cartography, Graphic Design
02/10/2017Stowaway on the Singing SeaAAW GamesAuthor, Cartography, Graphic Design
01/13/2017Mini-Dungeon Map PackAAW GamesCartography
01/12/2017The Art of Into the Wintery GaleAAW GamesGraphic Design, Layout
01/10/2017Into the Wintery Gale: Wrath of the JotunnAAW GamesAuthor, Graphic Design, Layout
12/30/2016Unquenched ThirstAAW GamesCartography, Graphic Design
12/30/2016With a CandlestickAAW GamesCartography, Graphic Design
12/30/2016The Palace of Ahmad SahirAAW GamesCartography, Graphic Design
12/30/2016Last Stand of the Forgotten PirateAAW GamesCartography, Graphic Design
12/30/2016The Siren's LamentAAW GamesCartography, Graphic Design
12/30/2016Chrome Devils of the SwampAAW GamesCartography, Graphic Design
12/13/2016Uneasy Rests the Crown'd HeadAAW GamesCartography, Graphic Design
12/09/2016Ne'er Trust The White Wolf's TamenessAAW GamesCartography, Graphic Design
12/08/2016Look Not With Thine Eyes But Thine MindAAW GamesCartography, Graphic Design
12/07/2016There Are More Things in the Planes and the EarthAAW GamesCartography, Graphic Design
12/02/2016When Goblins Die, No Comets are SeenAAW GamesCartography, Graphic Design
12/01/2016Doubt Not That Stars Are FireAAW GamesCartography, Graphic Design
12/01/2016Pit Your WitsAAW GamesCartography, Graphic Design
11/18/2016The Rats of Verdant ReachAAW GamesAuthor, Cartography, Graphic Design
11/18/2016Six Feet UnderAAW GamesAuthor, Cartography, Graphic Design
10/24/2016The Ascent of Tempest TowerAAW GamesAuthor, Cartography, Graphic Design
10/24/2016Peril at the Lamiak BridgeAAW GamesAuthor, Cartography, Graphic Design
10/24/2016Gallery of GearsAAW GamesCartography, Graphic Design
09/22/2016Cartography's Cache: Belly of the BehemothSelf PublishedCartography, Graphic Design
09/02/2016Into the Wintery Gale GM ScreenAAW GamesAuthor, Cartography, Graphic Design, Layout
08/23/2016Cartography's Cache: Neverthirst OasisSelf PublishedCartography, Graphic Design
07/18/2016Signature Spellcasting: The Art of PresentationSelf PublishedAuthor
07/12/2016Tales from the Tabletop: Year OneAAW GamesAuthor, Artist, Graphic Design, Layout, Ad Design
06/28/2016Planet PortfolioSelf PublishedAuthor, Artist, Graphic Design
06/22/2016ThelamosAAW GamesCartography, Graphic Design
06/22/2016The Dreamer's ShrineAAW GamesCartography, Graphic Design
06/22/2016FeischkammerAAW GamesCartography, Graphic Design
06/22/2016The Kabanha's RequestAAW GamesCartography, Graphic Design
06/22/2016We All Start SomewhereAAW GamesCartography, Graphic Design
06/22/2016The Spinner's HoleAAW GamesCartography, Graphic Design
06/01/2016After School Adventures: Madam Margareth's Magic PotionPlayground AdventuresAuthor
05/20/2016Encounter Cards: Aquatic DeckAAW GamesAuthor, Graphic Design, Layout
05/17/2016The Unreachable TerrorAAW GamesAuthor, Cartography, Graphic Design
05/17/2016The Scag Queen's SanctuaryAAW GamesCartography
05/17/2016The Queen's EstuaryAAW GamesCartography
05/17/2016Mysteries of the Endless MazeAAW GamesAuthor, Cartography, Graphic Design
05/06/2016Hypercorps 2099Legendary GamesGraphic Design
05/06/2016Hypercorps 2099: Thrillville or Killville?Legendary GamesCartography, Graphic Design
05/05/2016Adventure Chronicle Issue #1 (Spring 2016)AAW GamesEditor-in-chief, Author, Cartography, Graphic Design, Layout, Ad Design
04/18/2016The Burning Tree of Coilltean GroveAAW GamesAuthor, Cartography, Graphic Design
04/14/2016Winter's Roar: Bestiary CardsAAW GamesAuthor, Graphic Design
04/12/2016Winter's Roar: Vikmordere BestiaryAAW GamesAuthor, Graphic Design
03/28/2016Fin Starling's Guide to MorsainAAW GamesGraphic Design, Layout
03/25/2016Snow White Mini-Dungeon #7: Entrance to the Forest MazeAAW GamesCartography, Graphic Design
03/25/2016Snow White Mini-Dungeon #6: Campsite in the Haunted ForestAAW GamesCartography, Graphic Design
03/25/2016Snow White Mini-Dungeon #5: Cabin CatastropheAAW GamesCartography, Graphic Design
03/25/2016Snow White Mini-Dungeon #4: Glass Golem Go-RoundAAW GamesCartography, Graphic Design
03/25/2016Snow White Mini-Dungeon #3: The Army SurgeonsAAW GamesCartography, Graphic Design
03/25/2016Snow White Mini-Dungeon #2: The Spirit BottleAAW GamesCartography, Graphic Design
03/25/2016Snow White Mini-Dungeon #1: Fitcher'sAAW GamesCartography, Graphic Design
03/24/2016Into the Wintery Gale: Random Event DeckAAW GamesAuthor, Graphic Design
03/15/2016Heart of the Sacred DawnAAW GamesAuthor, Cartography, Graphic Design
02/25/2016Winter's Roar: Bestiary MiniaturesAAW GamesGraphic Design, Layout
01/28/2016Veranthea Codex: Radical PantheonRogue Genius GamesInterior Artist
01/21/2016Throne of the Dwellers In DreamsAAW GamesAuthor, Cartography, Graphic Design
01/13/2016The White Wyrm AwakensAAW GamesAuthor, Cartography, Graphic Design
01/13/2016Ways of the OldAAW GamesAuthor, Cartography, Graphic Design
01/13/2016The Jötunn EncampmentAAW GamesAuthor, Cartography, Graphic Design
01/13/2016Snowblind SanctuaryAAW GamesAuthor, Cartography, Graphic Design
01/13/2016Den of the Glacial BearAAW GamesAuthor, Cartography, Graphic Design
01/12/2016Wintry White Combat Map TilesAAW GamesCartography, Graphic Design
01/04/2016Aventyr BestiaryAAW GamesContributing Author, Art, Graphic Design
12/18/2015Map Pack Collection IAAW GamesCartography, Graphic Design
12/18/2015Map Pack Collection IIAAW GamesCartography, Graphic Design
12/18/2015Map Pack Collection IIIAAW GamesCartography, Graphic Design
12/03/2015Raider's Hual: Magic Item Cards DeckAAW GamesAuthor, Graphic Design, Layout
01/28/2016Veranthea Codex: The Black KnightRogue Genius GamesInterior Artist
12/01/2015Snow White: The Chase DeckAAW GamesGraphic Design, Layout
11/24/2015Raider's Hual: Vikmordere Magic Item CompendiumAAW GamesAuthor, Graphic Design
10/29/2015Snow White: GM ScreenAAW GamesGraphic Design, Layout
10/27/2015Día de los Dinosaurios MuertosEN PublishingCartography
10/26/2015Veranthea CodexRogue Genius GamesCartography, Art, Graphic Design
09-29-2015Hypercorps 2099: A R.I.P.E. InvestmentLegendary GamesCartography, Graphic Design
09/26/2015To Stake a VampireEN PublishingCartography
09/21/2015Hypercorps 2099: Netjacker Base ClassLegendary GamesGraphic Design
09/17/2015Hypercorps 2099: HypernetLegendary GamesGraphic Design
09/07/2015The Lapis Maiden of Serena HortumAAW GamesAuthor, Cartography, Graphic Design
09/03/2015Hypercorps 2099: Pathfinder PrimerLegendary GamesGraphic Design
09/02/2015Hypercorps 2099: 5th Edition PlaytestLegendary GamesGraphic Design
08/29/2015Friend of the ChildrenEN PublishingCartography
08/29/2015The Mystery of Mordecai's MonsterEN PublishingCartography
08/25/2015Snow WhiteAAW GamesContributing Author, Art, Graphic Design
07/08/2015Cloak & Ballot Triligy Part 2: False Honest, Corrupt Virtue AAW GamesCartography
06/30/2015Assassin's Breach & Rest at the WaysideAAW GamesAuthor, Game Developer, Art, Graphic Design, Cartography, Layout
05/14/2015Underworld Classes: GemcasterAAW GamesGraphic Design
05/14/2015Underworld Classes: Masters of the WebAAW GamesGraphic Design
05/14/2015Underworld Classes: PsilocybistAAW GamesGraphic Design
05/14/2015Underworld Classes: StonespeakerAAW GamesGraphic Design
05/14/2015Underworld Classes: UnderterrorAAW GamesGraphic Design
05/14/2015Underworld Races: AhoolAAW GamesGraphic Design
05/14/2015Underworld Races: Cp;;oatirAAW GamesGraphic Design
05/14/2015Underworld Races:DødeligAAW GamesGraphic Design
05/14/2015Underworld Races: DraakiAAW GamesGraphic Design
05/14/2015Underworld Races: DrowAAW GamesGraphic Design
05/14/2015Underworld Races: DvergrAAW GamesGraphic Design
05/14/2015Underworld Races: DweorgAAW GamesGraphic Design
05/14/2015Underworld Races: FungletAAW GamesGraphic Design
05/14/2015Underworld Races: GitwercAAW GamesGraphic Design
05/14/2015Underworld Races: HoyrallAAW GamesGraphic Design
05/14/2015Underworld Races: VestraadiAAW GamesGraphic Design
05/14/2015Underworld Races: ZwercAAW GamesGraphic Design
05/05/2015Mini-Dungeon Collection FolderAAW GamesGraphic Design, Layout
04/20/2015Summoner's RemorseAAW GamesAuthor, Cartography, Graphic Design
03/25/2015Mischievous MeadowsAAW GamesContributing Author, Artist, Graphic Design
03/23/2015Return to the Crypt of the SunlordAAW GamesArtist, Cartography, Graphic Design
03/05/2015The Community DungeonAAW GamesContributing Author
02/20/2015The Ruins of GileadAAW GamesCartography, Artist
02/19/2015Cultus SanguinesAAW GamesContributing Author, Artist, Cartography, Graphic Design
02/11/2015Dire, Devilish Deeds (4 of 4): Devaneas Arcineum 2AAW GamesArist, Graphic Design
02/06/2015Varakt's Halo: The Great Pubo HuntAAW GamesCartography, Artist, Graphic Design
01/22/2015Dire, Devilish Deeds (3 of 4): Devaneas Arcineum 1AAW GamesArist, Graphic Design
01/21/2015Dire, Devilish Deeds (2 of 4): Arcineum Devaneas 2AAW GamesArist, Graphic Design
01/09/2015Dire, Devilish Deeds (1 of 4): Arcineum Devaneas 1AAW GamesArist, Graphic Design
01/09/2015Armory of AdventuresAAW GamesArtist, Graphic Design, Layout
01/01/2015365 Dungeons Desk CalendarFantastical Games/Fantasy PrintingCargotraphy
10/05/2014Veranthea Codex: Spoony Jawz, Top Pilot of TrectoyriRogue Genius GamesGraphic Design
09/28/2014Veranthea Codex: Braxthar Grimdrahk, Scientific InnovatorRogue Genius GamesGraphic Design
09/15/2014Veranthea Codex: Master in IronsRogue Genius GamesGraphic Design
09/05/2014Veranthea Codex: Beztekorps Prestige ClassRogue Genius GamesGraphic Design
08/01/2014Wonders of NaeraCull: The Stone SentinelsAAW GamesAuthor, Graphic Design, Layout
07/25/2014Wonders of NaeraCull: The Fire Lit MountainAAW GamesGraphic Design, Layout
07/18/2014Wonders of NaeraCull: The Mist Shrouded ValeAAW GamesAuthor, Graphic Design, Layout
07/11/2014Wonders of NaeraCull: Southern Sunny ShoresAAW GamesGraphic Design, Layout
07/07/2014Rise of the Drow: GM ScreenAAW GamesGraphic Design, Layout
03/27/2014The Deck of Miraculous LuckAAW GamesAuthor, Artist, Graphic Design, Layout

Podcast Appearances

03/09/2017 - GMS Magazine - The RPG Interview Room

01/30/2017 - Lords of Adventure and Wargames Podcast

01/24/2017 - AetherCon: In the Margins - The Mysteries of Graphic Design

01/17/2017 - AetherCon: Propping it Up - Creating Game Table Ambiance

02/02/2016 - AetherCon: Cartography - Why That is There

01/17/2015 - AetherCon: Cartography - A Word is Worth 1,000 Pictures 

Professional Convention Appearances

Magazine Article Credits

Game Night Grub: Cooking for the Game Table (Adventure Chronicle; Issue #1)

Important Dates in Gaming History (Adventure Chronicle; Issue #1)

Adding Music to Your Game (Adventure Chronicle; Issue #1)

The Arcanarium: Herbalists Terrarium (Adventure Chronicle; Issue #1)   

The Arcanarium: Crystalline Submersible Sphere (Adventure Chronicle; Issue #2)

Adding Music to Your Game (Adventure Chronicle; Issue #2)

Appendix: N'spiration (Adventure Chronicle; Issue #2)

Polyhedral Podcasts (Adventure Chronicle; Issue #2)

Blog Article Credits (General)

10/07/2016 - Paths to Adventure - Gamer Bling: Mythical Coins for your RPG Campaigns

08/25/2016 - Paths to Adventure - Tabletop Gaming Artisans

06/23/2016 - Paths to Adventure - Gamer Bling: Non-Player Cards

05/26/2016 - Paths to Adventure - Gamer Bling: Mythoard Monthly Tabletop RPG Subscription Box

05/19/2016 - Paths to Adventure - Gamer Bling: TerraTiles Modular Tabletop Terrain 

05/13/2016 - Paths to Adventure - Gaming Memory #2: The Hobby Shop

02/16/2016 - Paths to Adventure - Gaming Memory #1: A New Kind of Adventure

Blog Article Credits (AAW Blog)

From January 2014 to November 2015 I was hired as a staff writer for the blog. On November 18, 2015 it was announced that regular posts to the blog were coming to an end to focus those creative energies into a new gaming magazine that will be releasing it's first issue in Spring of 2016. While I was a staff writer for the blog, we were awarded a 2014 Silver ENnie award for best blog.

11/09/2015 - AAWBlog - Magic Item Monday (Mohkba Mania): Magic Shooter Marble

10/26/2015 - AAWBlog - Magic Item Monday (Wandering Wasteland): Contraband Cypher

10/19/2015 - AAWBlog - Magic Item Monday (Wandering Wasteland): Striding Boots

10/18/2015 - AAWBlog - Statblock Sunday (Wandering Wasteland): Scowl Carver

10/17/2015 - AAWBlog - Sidequest Saturday (Wandering Wasteland): The Canyon March 

10/12/2015 - AAWBlog - Magic Item Monday (Wandering Wasteland): Lens Shard

10/05/2015 - AAWBlog - Magic Item Monday (Wandering Wasteland): Goggles of Revealing

09/28/2015 - AAWBlog - Magic Item Monday (Awake in Alucinar): Scepter of Nightmares 

09/21/2015 - AAWBlog - Magic Item Monday (Awake in Alucinar): Cloak of Shadow Dancing

09/18/2015 - AAWBlog - Fiction Friday (Awake in Alucinar): The Dead God Dreams 

09/14/2015 - AAWBlog - Magic Item Monday (Awake in Alucinar): Primal Magic Arrow 

09/07/2015 - AAWBlog - Magic Item Monday (Awake in Alucinar): Dreamblade 

09/05/2015 - AAWBlog - Sidequest Saturday (Awake in Alucinar): Walking the Path 

08/31/2015 - AAWBlog - Magic Item Monday (Bogs of Bane): Dreamwalker Dust

08/17/2015 - AAWBlog - Magic Item Monday (Bogs of Bane): Mask of Gaseous Reprieve

08/10/2015 - AAWBlog - Magic Item Monday (Bogs of Bane): Trollbone Mace 

08/05/2015 - AAWBlog - Weird Wednesday (Bogs of Bane): Blighted Tree Spirits Haunt 

08/03/2015 - AAWBlog - Magic Item Monday (Bogs of Bane): Deamonbane Net

07/25/2015 - AAWBlog - Sidequest Saturday (Stealing Stones): Cascade of Stone 

07/16/2015 - AAWBlog - Meta Thursday (Stealing Stones): Subterranean Adventures 

07/13/2015 - AAWBlog - Magic Item Monday (Stealing Stones): Infested Tam O'Shanter 

06/17/2015 - AAWBlog - Weird Wednesday (Mendacious Materials): Remember When Haunt 

06/08/2015 - AAWBlog - Magic Item Monday (Mendacious Materials): Nails of Aura Adumbration 

06/01/2015 - AAWBlog - Magic Item Monday (Mendacious Materials): Siderbus Sanabit Salv 

05/28/2015 - AAWBlog - Meta Thursday (Strange Salve): Aquatic Encounters Deck 

05/04/2015 - AAWBlog - Magic Item Monday (Strange Salve): Treasure Potion 

04/20/2015 - AAWBlog - Magic Item Monday: Peakcock Helm

04/06/2015 - AAWBlog - Magic Item Monday: Merchant's Moniker

03/30/2015 - AAWBlog - Magic Item Monday: Ignominious Icon 

03/29/2015 - AAWBlog - Statblock Sunday: Ghostly Steward 

03/28/2015 - AAWBlog - Sidequest Saturday: Redemption

03/23/2015 - AAWBlog - Magic Item Monday: Clockwork Scarab

03/16/2015 - AAWBlog - Magic Item Monday: Magical Manual of Origami

03/15/2015 - AAWBlog - Statblock Sunday: Golem Liberum

03/14/2015 - AAWBlog - Sidequest Saturday: Wizard's Heist

03/09/2015 - AAWBlog - Magic Item Monday: Ring of Forgetfulness
03/02/2015 - AAWBlog - Magic Item Monday: Mimic Putty 

02/23/2015 - AAWBlog - Magic Item Monday (Forsaken Frontier): Gauntlet of Deracination

02/16/2015 - AAWBlog - Magic Item Monday (Forsaken Frontier): Ferryman's Toll

02/02/2015 - AAWBlog - Magic Item Monday (Forsaken Frontier): Sapahualpa Reeds

01/25/2014 - AAWBlog - Statblock Sunday (Lands of Ludolog): Queen Medusa 

01/24/2015 - AAWBlog - Sidequest Saturday (Lands of Ludolog): The Skytower

01/23/2015 - AAWBlog - Fiction Friday (Lands of Ludolog): Quest of the Archon King

01/22/2015 - AAWBlog - Meta Thursday (Lands of Ludolog): Vertical Dungeon Design

01/21/2015 - AAWBlog - Weird Wednesday (Lands of Ludolog): Cursed Black Pomegranate

01/20/2015 - AAWBlog - Trap Tuesday (Lands of Ludolog): Defying Orbs

01/19/2015 - AAWBlog - Magic Item Monday (Lands of Ludolog): Wings of the Archon

11/29/2014 - AAWBlog - Sidequest Saturday (Uralicans Uncut): The Ancestral Gateway

11/26/2014 - AAWBlog - Weird Wednesday (Uralicans Uncut): Crystalis Tomb

11/24/2014 - AAWBlog - Magic Item Monday (Uralicans Uncut): Eyes of the Traveler

10/11/2014 - AAWBlog - Sidequest Saturday (Macabre Manses): Welcome to the Show

10/10/2014 - AAWBlog - Fiction Friday (Macabre Manses): A Promise Broken, A Promise Made 

10/09/2014 - AAWBlog - MetaThursday (Macabre Manses): Fleshdoll PCs

10/08/2014 - AAWBlog - Weird Wednesday (Macabre Manses): Collected Souls

10/07/2014 - AAWBlog - Trap Tuesday (Macabre Manses): The Roof is on Fire!

10/06/2014 - AAWBlog - Magic Item Monday (Macabre Manses): Fleshdoll Stage

10/05/2014 - AAWBlog - Statblock Sunday (Macabre Manses): Madam Sutradhara, the Fleshdoll Masterminder

08/27/2014 - AAWBlog - Weird Wednesday (Destiny Derailed): Curse of the Revenants

08/26/2014 - AAWBlog - Trap Tuesday (Destiny Derailed): Rain of Ore

08/25/2014 - AAW Blog - Magic Item Monday (Destiny Derailed): Alligotonium

08/24/2014 - AAW Blog - Satblock Sunday (Destiny Derailed): Ireful Hellions & Hellion Revenants

08/23/2014 - AAWBlog - Sidequest Saturday (Destiny Derailed): Blunder at Demon Pass

07/31/2014 - AAWBlog - Story Locale (Wonders of NaeraCull): The Stone Sentinels

07/30/2014 - AAWBlog - Weird Wednesday (Wonders of NaeraCull): Shout of the Sentinels

07/29/2014 - AAWBlog - Trap Tuesday (Wonders of NaeraCull): Wrath of the Effigy

07/28/2014 - AAWBlog - Magic Item Monday (Wonders of NaeraCull): Earthbound Gem 

07/27/2014 - AAWBlog - Statblock Sunday (Wonders of NaeraCull): Grimstark Stoneturner

07/26/2014 - AAWBlog - Sidequest Saturday (Wonders of NaeraCull): The Brothers' Stone

07/17/2014 - AAWBlog - Story Locale (Wonders of NaeraCull): God Tears Fall & The Green Spire

07/16/2014 - AAWBlog - Weird Wednesday (Wonders of NaeraCull): The Queen's Passage

07/15/2014 - AAWBlog - Trap Tuesday (Wonders of NaeraCull): Of Water & Stone

07/14/2014 - AAWBlog - Magic Item Monday (Wonders of NaeraCull): God Tear Pearl

07/13/2014 - AAWBlog - Statblock Sunday (Wonders of NaeraCull): Waterfall Nymph

07/12/2014 - AAWBlog - Sidequest Saturday (Wonders of NaeraCull): Behind the Wall of Waves

06/29/2014 - AAWBlog - Statblock Sunday (Tribal Troubles): Naghith, the Many-winged Father 

06/28/2014 - AAWBlog - Sidequest Saturday (Tribal Troubles): Awakening a Locust God 

06/16/2014 - AAWBlog - Magic Item Monday (Tribal Troubles): Powder of Detection 

06/14/2014 - AAWBlog - Sidequest Saturday (Tribal Troubles): Trial by Flight

06/13/2014 - AAWBlog - Story Locale (Tribal Troubles): K'naghi Savanna

06/12/2014 - AAWBlog - Meta Thursday (Tribal Troubles): Subpantheons

06/11/2014 - AAWBlog - Weird Wednesday (Tribal Troubles): Song of the Ancestors

06/13/2014 - AAWBlog - Trap Tuesday (Tribal Troubles): Corruption Blooms

06/12/2014 - AAWBlog - Magic Item Monday (Tribal Troubles): K'naghi Armor

06/11/2014 - AAWBlog - Statblock Sunday (Tribal Troubles): Banthadar, Lord of Locusts

05/19/2014 - AAWBlog - Magic Item Monday (Maddening May): Quicksilver Amulet

05/10/2014 - AAWBlog - Sidequest Saturday (Maddening May): The Slughunter's Blight

05/04/2014 - AAWBlog - Statblock Sunday (Maddening May): Karz Slug

04/14/2014 - AAWBlog - Magic Item Monday: Necropus Laruascriptum (Greater)

04/09/2014 - AAWBlog - Weird Wednesday: Volumengeist (Page Spirit) Creature Template

04/07/2014 - AAWBlog - Magic Item Monday: Necropus Laruascriptum (Lesser)

03/31/2014 - AAWBlog - Magic Item Monday (Mischievous Meadows): The Ring of Shifting Stars 

03/27/2014 - AAWBlog - Meta Thursday (Mischievous Meadows): The Deck of Miraculous Luck

03/17/2014 - AAWBlog - Magic Item Monday (Mischievous Meadows): Box of Wonders

03/09/2014 - AAWBlog - Statblock Sunday (Mischievous Meadows): Biddlytree

01/09/2014 - AAWBlog - Meta Thursday: Prayer Effects & Divine Synergies

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