Thursday, June 10, 2021

#FreeMapFriday – The Amethyst Dungeon – Volume #83

It's time for #FreeMapFriday! Today I release Volume #83. The theme this release: The Amethyst Dungeon. This is the first of two maps this week, because yet again, we had a tie on the community poll to pick the "gemstone" theme of this week's map. The tie was between amethyst purple, and emerald green. The later will be released on  Friday this week! 

This series offers a brand new free map every week with additional bonus maps for every +50 follower over on my Twitter account @jmason333. Maps are available via DriveThruRPG or Google Drive.

Each map pack includes four full-color 600 dpi high-resolution versions of the map in 5100x3300 px JPG file format including a virtual tabletop (VTT) version, two player versions (gridded and non-gridded), and a GM map numbered for convenience.

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