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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Mini-Dungeon Tome for Pathfinder RPG Now Avaialble!

I am incredibly excited to see this release of Mini-Dungeon Tome from AAW Games/ going out to the public.

It has been a privilege to work with so many brilliantly talented individuals on this team, and quite an exciting journey to reach this point.

In addition to managing the initial creation project, I also contributed 24 adventures (plus six additional bonus "holiday themed" adventures rolling out to backers over the next couple of weeks), crafted over 130 maps, and did graphic design, layout templates, stationary design, and advertisement design. I even did some illustration for this awesome book.

 I also designed the Kickstarter project that raised a total of over $204K from more than 3,250 awesome backers, pushing the total $$$ raised from KS projects I've designed to well over $1 Million.

I do believe this project encompassed just about every skill set I have to offer to the tabletop RPG industry, and it's been a blast! Many thanks to everyone for making it such a huge success!

"Over 130 adventures for Pathfinder RPG!
From the depths of the darkest dungeons to primal dangers of the untamed wilderness, this tome binds ancient mysteries, forgotten lore, and the allure of epic quests. Adventurers will explore realms unknown, face deadly foes, and discover tantalizing treasures and magnificent artifacts.
AAW Games brings you this massive collection of more than 130 complete and ready-to-run scenarios designed especially for discerning Game Masters who want exciting adventures and need them now. Begin the next chapter of your campaign with the turn of a page!
Themed and organized for convenience, the Mini-Dungeon Tome provides setting-neutral fantasy adventures suitable for every party level and size. With all reference material included in a convenient index, this single book holds everything you need for years of adventuring.
Offering contributions from all-star authors and game designers, Mini-Dungeon Tome is the book you have been searching for. Always have a new adventure at the ready and test the mettle of even the most experienced players!
Official Press Release from AAW Games: 

"I am super excited to finally announce the release of the Mini-Dungeon Tome for 5th Edition & Pathfinder RPG!
(Pathfinder PDF now / 5th Edition in 2 weeks)

Congratulations o everyone involved in this massive undertaking which includes over 130 adventures for Pathfinder RPG. Stephen Yeardley, Justin Andrew Mason, Louis Agresta, Michael Allen, Rone Barton, Liz Courts, Richard Develyn, Dan Dillon, Jonathan Ely, Endzeitgeist Sigurðr, Tim Hitchcock, Michael Holland, Nicolas Logue, Michael McCarthy, Ben McFarland, Brian Mønster, Will Myers, Stefanos Patelis, Michael Smith, Jason Sonia, Colin Stricklin, Brian Suskind, Rory Toma, Rachel Ventura, Thomas Baumbach, and so many more!

Thank you to all our amazing backers for making this book possible! Please chime in below so we can thank you properly!" -- Jonathan G. Nelson (AAW Games)

 This book is available via, DriveThruRPG, and RPGNow.

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