Friday, January 5, 2018

I won the DC Instagrammys!
I won in two categories of Dungeon Crate's 2017 Instagrammy Awards -- hooray prizes and trophies!

There were several categories in this fun little Dungeon Crate-themed photo contest including  products, game table, logos, dice, cosplay, pets, and kids among others. The top entries were announced via the live Dungeon Crate Podcast and voted on by the community to select the winners.

My photos won in the "Selfie" and the "Product" categories. When I get the trophies, I'll append a photo to this article. However, this post gives me an opportunity to pitch a plug for the awesome Dungeon Crate subscription box service for tabletope roleplying game accessories.

Find out more at!
"Dungeon Crate was conceived on the idea that role-players needed a subscription box specifically designed for them, a box where every item can be used by the player." -- Dungeon Crate

I have been a subscriber to Dungeon Crate for about a year, and I highly recommend it to any tabletop gamer who loves accessories and props. You can view a gallery of my "unboxing" pics that I post each month by clicking here.

In addition to the monthly subscription box, Dungeon Crate also offers the Adventure Vault, which is a fun on-time purchase (non-subscription) "sampler" of some of the sorts of items you can get via the standard subscription. 

They have also expand service and have grown into a really fun community that includes the Dungeon Crate Store where you can buy exclusive accessories, a fun gamer-centric apparel shop where you can buy awesome shirts,  "The Shady Lady" tavern where you can find the Dungeon Crate Blog, the Dugneon Crate Podcast, the "DnD5e" D&D 5th Edition podcast, unboxing videos, and more.

They have also started a useful community for trading/buying/selling gaming accessories on the Dungeon Crate Trading Post Facebook group, as well as a twice-weekly interactive live broadcast called "Dungeon Crate Live" which airs on Mondays and Fridays at 10:00 AM CST.

Go check them out! And, if you have any questions shoot an e-mail to Wayne at Dungeon Crate. He's super friendly and always ready to answer inquiries.

And, finally, I leave you with my ridiculously geeky winning-photo of my "Dungeon Crate Christmas Tree!"

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