Thursday, July 6, 2017

VTT Dungeon Maps Patreon

I have decided to start a Patreon funding a weekly dungeon map design that is compatible with your favorite Virtual Tabletop platform. New Maps will be released every Saturday, and you can get them for as little as $3/month! If the project reaches specific funding goals, the number of maps released each week will increase.

Each map will be released with three versions included: VTT Map, Player Map (displaying symbols, ;terrain, etc.), and GM Map (with rooms numbered). There are two pledge levels: $3/month patrons get 300 dpi maps suitable for use in VTT, and $5/month patrons get 600 dpi maps suitable for poster-size prints.

A preview of each week's map is publicly posted, so go check out the sorts of maps patrons are getting, and if you would like to increase your stash of maps for your game sessions, consider becoming a patron! Thanks!

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