Thursday, April 13, 2017

Wrath of the Jötunn goes to press!

After several weeks struggling with the printers to get the perfect print proof, my book Wrath of the Jötunn has now gone to press en masse! Available in premium color hardbound or economy softbound paperback.

While it’s not my first book to be published in print, and I’m presently credited in well over 150 other published titles, this is the first time I’ve ever held in my hands a published hardbound book which I was hired to write that has my name on the cover. It’s a pretty important moment to me!

I can’t thank Jonathan G. Nelson (AAW Games / enough for this fantastic opportunity. The entire AAW Games team really came together to make a beautiful line of products with Into the Wintery Gale, and I’m excited to see the 200-page mega-adventure released. Creating it has been a true adventure!

Pick up your print copy today!

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