Monday, April 10, 2017

Undworld Races & Classes Cover & Stationary Designs

With the Underworld Races & Classes kickstarter by AAW Games well underway (and fully funded), I was asked to design cover spreads for the two hardbound books - each familiarly themed to their respective official core books. 

So here I have designed one cover based on a typical Pathfinder RPG theme, and another based on a typical 5th Edition theme. I've taken lengths to assure we don't cross any trade dress IP issues, but both covers have been submitted to Paizo and WotC for review and approval (just to be on the safe side), and I'll make adjustments as needed so both licenses are covered properly. 

I also designed the stationary (page backgrounds) for both books with the same concept in mind. Below you see those finished backgrounds sporting layout by the talented Jensen Toperzer and art from fantasy artist Mates Laurentiu

5th Edition Stationary & Layout

Pathfinder RPG Stationary & Layout

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