Friday, February 24, 2017

The Perils of... VTT Cartography Series

Recently I was asked to create three new "map packs" to be included within the content marketplace of a world-building software. Not really given any specific guidelines, I decided to make three series each of 24 themed maps (72 maps in all) that I would want to have access to when world-building.

Series I and Series II are both interconnecting geomorphic sets that can be rotated, flipped, and mirrored to create hundreds of potential dungeon and cavern layouts. For the third series I decided to create a group of detailed landmasses. Once the series was completed and submitted to the publisher for inclusion I was informed that they couldn't be used due to their "interconnecting" features, and asked to put together another series of "map packs" that are not linked to each other.

While I work on creating another set of maps for that publisher, I decided to turn an unfortunate miscommunication into an opportunity, and I am now using this blog to self-publish the unused series.

I'm very happy to present the "Perils of..." VTT Cartography Series:
Each of these map-pack titles are available for purchase via DriveThruRPG.

3 Sample Maps from Series I: Dungeon Complex

3 Sample Maps from Series II: Caverns

3 Sample Maps from Series III: Landmasses

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