Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Dungeon Builder's Deck

The huge deck of geomorphic dungeon map cards I created is now available for purchase! I'm very excited to see this deck released, and they come in the newly designed OBS tuckbox. Available in print as a deck of 114 cards, or in digital format (for use in VTT platforms).

The Mini-Dungeon Collection from AAW Games / brings you the new Dungeon Builder’s Deck suitable for use with any gaming system. This collection of 114 double-sided full-color standard poker-sized cards–each printed with a different interconnecting geomorphic dungeon map–allows you to quickly build a dungeon for your tabletop roleplaying game with the placement of only a few cards.
  • Generate random dungeons or pick-and-choose the configuration
  • Rotate or flip the cards to access over 450 unique map segment configurations
  • Card faces include pre-designed map icons to inspire creativity on the fly
  • Card backs include the same map layout without any map icons
  • Each card depicts between 1 – 9 uniquely designed dungeon rooms
  • Over 720 dungeon rooms of various shapes and sizes represented, and endless corridors
  • Utilize standard polypropylene 9-pocket card display pages to create convenient 3x3 card maps that fit in any binder and are dry-erase compatible
This deck of cards is available for purchase via, DriveThruRPG, RPGNow, and Paizo.

Preview of 9 cards (front and back) from
the 114-card Dungeon Builder's Deck

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