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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Huge Batch of New Mini-Dungeon Cartography

I have released over 30 all-new maps for authors to utilize for future Mini-Dungeons. With these, and other very recent releases, I've pushed to up the cartography quality of these maps. Initially the concept was to have quick-and-easy releases, but the series has grown wildly in popularity and is the top selling product at

Originally the idea was to allow non-cartographers to utilize my "Justin's Mini-Dungeon Mapper" template and collection of actions and elements for Photoshop that I created especially for this series. Nearly the first entire ear of Mini-Dungeon releases utilized these components. However, with the increase in popularity, I've decided to start giving these maps the attention they deserve.

While this requires a substantial investment of time on my part, I feel it's justified as the end result is a better looking and more functional product. Especially with the recent addition of the much-requested Virtual Tabletop Maps (VTT) maps included with adventure purchase.

Here's a sample of some of these newer Mini-Dungeon maps I've created for AAW Games:

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