Friday, May 20, 2016

Encounter Cards: Aquatic Deck

Encounter Cards: Aquatic Deck for Pathfinder RPG (Published by Games) is now available for purchase.

This is the first of half a dozen themed encounter decks that I am creating. Each Deck Theme includes: (5) Traps, (5) Hazards, (5) NPC Encounters, (10) Monster Encounters (Moderate/Avg. CR5, Advanced/Avg. CR10, Extreme/Avg. CR15), and (5) Adventure Hooks.

The Aquatic Deck of Encounter Cards has 30 different encounters for waterborne adventures including floating debris, sea monsters, troublesome harbor bureaucrats, shipwreck survivors, pirates, and more!

This product is available for purchase via, DriveThruRPG, RPGNow, and Paizo.

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