Monday, January 11, 2016

Mini-Dungeon Series: New Covers

With the Mini-Dungeon series by AAW Games/ expanding in size with each new publication, it was becoming difficult to differentiate the products, especially in various storefronts where there were dozens of thumbnails that really provided no information about the product theme or content.

I have gone back to create covers for all 30-or-so Mini-Dungeon publications for AAW Games/ These covers provide a glimpse at the dungeon map, artwork to clearly portray a theme for the adventure, the publication number, and a larger title that can be seen on product thumbnails. Author names for each adventure have also been added to provide a bit more recognition for their hard work.

A template file has been created to allow for relatively easy addition of future covers for new releases to the series.

I have gone ahead and updated the thumbnails with these new covers for all the Mini-Dungeon products available on, DriveThruRPG and RPGNow. These will become increasingly useful as the Mini-Dungeon series is released on Trapdoor Playbook.

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