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Friday, November 20, 2015

AetherCon Online RPG Convention Website

After having developed the Speed Painting Duel web app for AetherCon III, I was invited to be on the convention senior staff and asked if I would develop an entirely new web platform for the whole convention to take place on. I agreed to do so, and after several months of development (and dozens of meetings later), AetherCon IV took place on the new website interface that I developed.

New features included front-page managed entry into various "taverns" where live events were taking place, a complete vendors hall interface including a back end for vendors to manage the products they were selling at the convention, Integrated media platform management (videos, wallpapers, downloads, etc.), and a fully integrated cycling advertising system with intelligent referencing (i.e. if a convention attendee was in an area related to RPG miniatures, they would only see ads for RPG miniature manufacturers). The project also included a full integration of custom polling and survey functionality, and the ability to allow attendees to enter various contests and answer after-surveys at the end of the convention.

You can visit the AetherCon website at:

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