Thursday, September 17, 2015

5th Edition Compatible Logo

With the recent announcement that will begin supporting 5th Edition products, I have created a 5th Edition (5E) compatible logo for AAW Games/ The design has been approved, and will be used on all their new 5th Edition products.


Posted on 5/9/2020

While I'm stoked so many people like the 5E Compatible logo that I designed several years back when 5E launched, I created the graphic under contract to AAW GAMES and they retain exclusive rights to it. I still get 2-3 e-mail requests each week from folks wanting to use it on their products -- I tend to come across it used without permission on published/promoted projects even more frequently than that.

When asked, I always direct folks to inquire directly to AAW Games before using it, but to my knowledge, this logo remains specific to the hundreds of AAW Games 5th Edition titles.

I'm certainly not going to become the "IP police", but when I come across a relatively high-profile product using it as I did this afternoon, it prompts me to post this as a friendly reminder.

Thanks -- Justin

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