Sunday, October 5, 2014

Veranthea Codex: Spoony Jawz, Top Pilot of Trectoyri

Veranthea Codex: Spoony Jawz, Top Pilot of Trectoyri by Mike Myler and Rogue Genius Games is now available for free download. I did the cover layout, graphic design, and layout elements for this book.

Spoony Jawz, hero of a thousand border clashes and pride of the Goblinvania airfleet started life as a smuggler named Bur Snuffbucket. Famed for his luck, youth, and propensity for picking fights with monstrous citizens far larger than himself, Captain Snuffbucket should have had a long and rewarding career as a purveyor of illicit cargo. But no amount of luck is a match for treachery. Bur’s ship was captured, his cargo raided, and the captain himself remanded to royal custody.
Snuffbucket would have died that day, and the world at large believes he did. But Engineer King Vokrix can spot talent, and he offered his prisoner a  choice: execution, or a life in his service (and a chance at revenge) with the newly founded air force.

Officially, Bur Snuffbucket was hanged. On the same day a young cadet named Spoony Jawz enlisted at Smastrik Airfield. It was a goblin’s life in the modern army, and Spoony set about proving himself. 
Over the course of his training Spoony emerged uninjured from no less than nineteen crash sites, more than enough to make him officer material. Graduation came early for the talented pilot. In the years afterwards, Captain Spoony acquitted himself admirably. However, his real claim to fame lay in the uncharted aeries of the Drathfire Mountains. Common wisdom held that the dragons were all gone, their nests long since looted, and that nothing lay among those hills but windshear, dwarven cannons, and ruin. Twelve days after sailing into the Drathfires he came out again with only barely enough crew to keep his ship aloft—with a small glittering lizard perched upon his shoulder. He never spoke of the details of his voyage, nor would his crew, but Spoony Jawz was the only successful Egg Hunter in a generation. 

This book can be downloaded via DriveThruRPG and RPGNow.

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